Tomás de Miguel

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Introduction Many activities which in the past have required physical presence and direct interaction among participants can be performed in a distributed fashion with the help of advanced information technologies such as, CSCW [1,2] (Computer Supported Cooperative Work), interactive multimedia services and broadband communications. Technologies aiming at(More)
EducaNext is an educational mediator created within the UNIVERSAL IST Project which supports both, the exchange of reusable educational materials based on open standards, as well as the collaboration of educators over the network in the realization of educational activities. The Isabel CSCW application is a group collaboration tool for the Internet(More)
Users are looking towards ATM technology as a suitable solution for specific applications in the new field of distributed multimedia. The aim of ISABEL is to take benefit of the new broadband technology in order to provide a good access to new distributed multimedia facilities. The application has been developed to cover two main fields: distance learning(More)