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Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease characterized by bronchospasms accompanied with frequent coughing, the pathogenesis of which is not clear. In healthy adults deep inspirations (DIs) provide a protective effect against bronchoconstriction triggered by methacholine inhalation, which correlates with the number of accompanying cough efforts. The aim was(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous studies show higher cough reflex sensitivity (CRS) and cough outcomes in children compared to adults and in females compared to males. Despite close link that exists between cough and environment the potential influence of environmental air pollution on age- and gender -related differences in cough has not been studied yet. PURPOSE The(More)
The aim of the present study was to examine the possible role of steroid hormones and insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-I) in the control of human growth and obesity. We measured plasma level of progesterone, testosterone, estradiol and IGF-I in 301 young women at different stages of their ovarian cycle, and compared them to the standard morphometric(More)
OBJECTIVES The aim of this study was to validate the successfulness of our developed system for distinction between cough and other sounds which are present in daily human activities from the upper airways. BACKGROUND To date, methods used for monitoring of cough sound were primarily subjective. A reliable measure of cough is needed so that the severity(More)
Our study aimed to establish the best prediction equation for different age ranges in estimating Glomerular Filtration Rate (GFR) in clinical practice in Slovakia. The GFR by 24-hour creatinine clearance (Ccr) and the estimated GFR (eGFR) using the Cockcroft-Gault (CG), the four-variable Modification of Diet in Renal Disease (MDRD4) and the Chronic Kidney(More)
Spot urine samples were collected in summer and winter season to examine the association between temperature variation and phthalate concentration in an occupationally exposed group. We analysed samples by high-performance liquid chromatography with mass spectrometry (HPLC-MS/MS) to determine the concentrations of four phthalate metabolites: mono(More)
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