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We prove polynomial upper bounds of geometric Ramsey numbers of pathwidth-2 outerplanar triangulations in both convex and general cases. We also prove that the geometric Ramsey numbers of the ladder graph on 2n vertices are bounded by O(n 3) and O(n 10), in the convex and general case, respectively. We then apply similar methods to prove an n O(log(n))(More)
We prove that for any partition of the plane into a closed set C and an open set O and for any configuration T of three points, there is a translated and rotated copy of T contained in C or in O. Apart from that, we consider partitions of the plane into two sets whose common boundary is a union of piecewise linear curves. We show that for any such partition(More)
Searching in partially ordered structures has been considered in the context of information retrieval and efficient tree-like indexes, as well as in hierarchy based knowledge representation. In this paper we focus on tree-like partial orders and consider the problem of identifying an initially unknown vertex in a tree by asking edge queries: an edge query e(More)
In this paper we consider biased Maker-Breaker games played on the edge set of a given graph G. We prove that for every δ > 0 and large enough n, there exists a constant k for which if δ(G) ≥ δn and χ(G) ≥ k, then Maker can build an odd cycle in the (1 : b) game for b = O n log 2 n. We also consider the analogous game where Maker and Breaker claim vertices(More)