Tomás Ureña

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The effects of the human immunodeficiency virus type 1 (HIV-1) Tat protein on cellular gene expression were analysed using a Jurkat cell line that was stably transfected with tat gene in a doxycycline-repressible expression system. Expressed Tat protein (aa 1-101) was proved to present basically a nuclear localisation, and to be fully functional to induce(More)
An optimal resource management in health care centers implies the use of an appropriate timetabling scheme to schedule appointments. Timetables of health centers are usually divided into time slots whose duration is equal to time required for clinical attendance. However doctors perform a series of tasks that are not always clinical in nature: issuing(More)
Human and medical resources in the Spanish primary health care centres are usually planned and managed on the basis of the average number of patients in previous years. However, sudden increases in patient demand leading to delays and slip-ups can occur at any time without warning. This paper describes a predictive model capable of calculating patient(More)
A functional comparison of three human SAPKs with fungal Hog1p was undertaken, using Saccharomyces cerevisiae as a heterologous expression system. We characterized the role of mammalian MAP kinases in sensitivity to both osmotic and oxidative stress of a S. cerevisiae hog1 mutant. Western blot analyses indicated that S. cerevisiae can only phosphorylate(More)
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