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The paper is devoted to the recognition of objects and patterns deformed by imaging geometry as well as by unknown blurring. We introduce a new class of features invariant simultaneously to blurring with a centrosymmetric PSF and to aane transformation. As we prove in the paper, they can be constructed by combining aane moment invariants and blur invariants(More)
A new type of affine moment invariants for color images is proposed in this paper. The traditional affine moment invariants can be computed on each color channel separately, yet when the channels are transformed together, by the same affine transform, additional invariants can be computed. They have low order and therefore high robustness to noise. The new(More)
The article is devoted to the feature-based recognition of blurred images acquired by a linear shift-invariant imaging system against an image database. The proposed approach consists of describing images by features that are invariant with respect to blur and recognizing images in the feature space. The PSF identification and image restoration are not(More)
In this paper, a new set of moment invariants with respect to rotation, translation, and scaling suitable for recognition of objects having N-fold rotation symmetry are presented. Moment invariants described earlier cannot be used for this purpose because most moments of symmetric objects vanish. The invariants proposed here are based on complex moments.(More)