Tomás Slavícek

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This paper presents the calibration of two different kinds of image plates (IPs) for detecting electrons with kinetic energy in the range of 150 keV-1.75 MeV. The calibration was performed using a 90Sr β source. The paper also provides the measured fading response for the IPs in the time range from 12 min to 18 h. Calibration results are compared to Monte(More)
The aim of the current study is visualization of task-related variability in EEG-fMRI data, performed as a blind-search analysis without stimulus timings, using a methodology that is based on Kilner’s et al. heuristic approach [2]. We show that filters of the relative EEG spectra with different frequency responses visualize different task-related brain(More)
Functional magnetic resonance imaging utilizing the blood oxygenation level dependent effect as an indicator of local activity is a very useful technique to identify active brain regions. Currently, there is a growing interest in studying the connectivity between different brain regions. This contribution describes one of the methods used to investigate(More)
We deal with a problem of designing a user interface for touchscreen phones with respect to special needs of seniors. We conducted qualitative study ( $$\hbox {n}=5$$ n = 5 ) followed by quantitative one ( $$\hbox {n}=118$$ n = 118 ). From the comparison of our study with existing studies we observed an obvious trend in more extensive usage of advanced(More)
Multiway array decomposition methods have been shown to be promising statistical tools for identifying neural activity in the EEG spectrum. They blindly decompose the EEG spectrum into spatial-temporal-spectral patterns by taking into account inherent relationships among signals acquired at different frequencies and sensors. Our study evaluates the(More)
The recent availability of large volume cerium bromide crystals raises the possibility of substantially improving gamma-ray spectrometer limiting flux sensitivities over current systems based on the lanthanum tri-halides, e.g., lanthanum bromide and lanthanum chloride, especially for remote sensing, low-level counting applications or any type of measurement(More)
Electroencephalography (EEG) oscillations reflect the superposition of different cortical sources with potentially different frequencies. Various blind source separation (BSS) approaches have been developed and implemented in order to decompose these oscillations, and a subset of approaches have been developed for decomposition of multi-subject data. Group(More)
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