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Within the IST MIND project, the provision of services in systems beyond 3G is being studied. In this article, the project's top-down approach is presented. It starts identifying and describing scenarios. From those, the associated value chain is derived and the business opportunities and economical trends for beyond 3G systems are analysed. It is shown(More)
—The imminent combination of different wireless technologies will provide a very flexible and powerful platform to support requirements for future services and applications, which will be part of mobile communications beyond 3G. The main goal of this paper is to present the preliminary results of the ongoing research in the project ANWIRE (Academic Network(More)
Introduction Many activities which in the past have required physical presence and direct interaction among participants can be performed in a distributed fashion with the help of advanced information technologies such as, CSCW [1,2] (Computer Supported Cooperative Work), interactive multimedia services and broadband communications. Technologies aiming at(More)
Nowadays, manufacturing processes have become highly complex. Besides, more and more, governmental institutions require companies to implement systems to trace a product's life (especially for foods, clinical materials or similar items). In this paper, we propose a new framework, based on cyber-physical systems, for developing traceability systems in small(More)
Isabel is a P2P like multipoint group collaboration tool for the Internet, which implements an innovative service concept for synchronous collaborations based on a flexible and programmable floor control. This approach leads to a more natural and effective management of collaboration sessions. The flexible and programmable floor control incorporates the(More)
Recent disasters have shown that having clearly defined preventive procedures and decisions is a critical component that minimizes evacuation hazards and ensures a rapid and successful evolution of evacuation plans. In this context, we present our Situation-Aware System for enhancing Evacuation Plans (SASEP) system, which allows creating end-user business(More)