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Arthroscopic cameras are used either sterilized or in an unsterile manner enveloped in a sterile cover. The goal of this investigation was to determine the integrity of camera covers after arthroscopic procedures, as defects of camera covers have been occasionally observed by us. Such defects might be a potential cause of infection. Six different types of(More)
The appearance of somaclonal variability induced by in vitro cultivation is relatively frequent and can, in some cases, provide a valuable source of new genetic variation for crop improvement. The cause of this phenomenon remains unknown; however, there are a number of reports suggesting that epigenetics, including DNA methylations, are an important factor.(More)
This article refers to a concept of alternative physics textbook for secondary schools in the Czech Republic. The author works on an alternative text of mechanics. This article starts with a short summary of reasons for producing the alternative textbook and then presents the main premises the new text should be based on. Some of them are documented on(More)
The present work is devoted to the development of software tool written in Java for synthesis of asynchronous speed-independent circuits. A special type of Petri nets-Signal Transition Graph, was used for the synthesis. Using the algorithm based on the theory of regions, a logic function is derived from this graph. In order to reduce the complexity of the(More)
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