Tomás Hruska

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This paper deals with retargetable compiler generation. After an introduction to application-specific instruction set processor design and a review of code generation in compiler backends, ISAC architecture description language is introduced. Automatic approach to instruction semantics extraction from ISAC models which result is usable for backend(More)
Application-specific instruction set processors are the core of nowadays embedded systems. Therefore , the designers need to have powerful tools for the processor design. The tools should be generated automatically based on a processor description. One of the most important tools is the simulator. It is used during a testing phase of the processor design(More)
The present development in the database area is highly influenced by the object-oriented principles of data modeling. On the contrary to the previously successful relational approach, it lacks rigorous theoretical support. This problem is mainly due to the fact that the semantics description of such features as generalization, specialization, encapsulation,(More)