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We study stochastic processes that generate nongrowing complex networks without self-loops and multiple edges (simple graphs). The work concentrates on understanding and formulation of constraints which keep the rewiring stochastic processes within the class of simple graphs. To formulate these constraints a different concept of wedge distribution (paths of(More)
We present an experimental work and a concept based on complete, edge-colored graphs which goes towards the development of a non-growing scale-free process which would lack the disadvantages of the processes known so far i.e. a process that would i) stay in the class of simple graphs, ii) reach a scale-free degree distribution independently of the initial(More)
The article describes an airport database management system , which is a part of large simulation environment developed under the ESPRIT project SEEDS. Airport management database is a distributed computing system written entirely in Java and connected to the rest of the SEEDS system through CORBA interface. The majority of the SEEDS modules is written in(More)
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