Tomás González

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In temperate mountains, fens have been reported as relict habitats subject to geographical fragmentation and broad climatic gradients, but few studies have analyzed the influence of these factors on plant diversity. Here we investigate the effect of isolation on the vegetation diversity of rich fens (Caricion davallianae) in the mountains of the Iberian(More)
Analyzing field data from pumping tests, we show that as with many other natural phenomena, groundwater flow exhibits complex dynamics described by 1/f power spectrum. This result is theoretically studied within an agent perspective. Using a traveling agent model, we prove that this statistical behavior emerges when the medium is complex. Some heuristic(More)
The performance of GaN transistors is still limited by physical and fabrication problems, mainly related to different kinds of traps. In this work, virgin transistors reveals strong low frequency dispersion both in the transconductance and output conductance, that we attribute to the presence of traps in the GaN channel and the ohmic contacts. These effects(More)
In this paper, study of different digital logic circuits developed using two-BDT ballistic nanostructure is presented. New D flip-flop (DFF) based on the same nanostructure is also proposed. The logic structure comprises two ballistic deflection transistors (BDTs) that are experimentally proven to operate at Terahertz frequencies. The non-linear behavior of(More)
—By using a Monte Carlo simulator, the static and dynamic characteristics of 50-nm-gate AlInAs–GaInAs-doped high-electron mobility transistors (HEMTs) are investigated. The Monte Carlo model includes some important effects that are indispensable when trying to reproduce the real behavior of the devices, such as degeneracy, presence of surface charges,(More)
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