Tomás E. Gómez

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To achieve a precise noninvasive temperature estimation, inside patient tissues, would open promising research fields, because its clinic results would provide early-diagnosis tools. In fact, detecting changes of thermal origin in ultrasonic echo spectra could be useful as an early complementary indicator of infections, inflammations, or cancer. But the(More)
Achieving accurate measurements of inflammation levels in tissues or thickness changes in biological membranes (e.g., amniotic sac, parietal pleura) and thin biological walls (e.g., blood vessels) from outside the human body, is a promising research line in the medical area. It would provide a technical basis to study the options for early diagnosis of some(More)
A new theoretical framework is presented for the study of the elastic, dielectric, and piezoelectric properties of two-phase piezoelectric composite materials of complex microstructure. These kinds of materials are usually analyzed by means of averaging models. This paper begins with basic thermodynamic relations and obtains new general constitutive(More)
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