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Since network attacks become more sophisticated, it is difficult to discover them using traditional analysis tools. For some kinds of attacks, it is necessary to analyze Application Layer (L7) information in order to detect them. However, there is a lack of existing tools capable of L7 processing and manipulation. Therefore, we propose a flow-based modular(More)
The Domain Name System (DNS) belongs to crucial services in a computer network. Because of its importance, DNS is usually allowed in security policies. That opens a way to break policies and to transfer data from/to restricted area due to misusage of a DNS infrastructure. This paper is focused on a detection of communication tunnels and other anomalies in a(More)
This paper deals with hardware acceleration of statistical methods for detection of anomalies on 100 Gb/s Ethernet. The approach is demonstrated by implementing a sequential Non-Parametric Cumulative Sum (NP-CUSUM) procedure. We use high-level synthesis in combination with emerging software defined monitoring (SDM) methodology for rapid development of(More)
The effects of non-native species invasions on community diversity and biotic homogenization have been described for various taxa in urban environments, but not for land snails. Here we relate the diversity of native and non-native land-snail urban faunas to urban habitat types and macroclimate, and analyse homogenization effects of non-native species(More)
The importance of macroclimate and dispersal limitation in the broad-scale variation of European urban land snail assemblages is likely to differ between native and non-native species because of the southern origin of many non-native snails, often spread by humans. We sampled land snails in each of 32 European cities and compiled from the literature a list(More)
Software Defined Networking (SDN) became a popular concept where a flexible network architecture is required. One of the widely used approaches to SDN is based on the OpenFlow (OF) protocol that allows controllers to configure OF capable network switches. The OF protocol is focused on a flow-based control of a switch. Besides OF itself, Open Networking(More)