Tomás Cahlik

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The aim of this article is to demonstrate on the scientific field "economics" the search for fundamental articles. Co-word analysis and co-citation analysis enable to visualize the structure of a scientific field on the maps of science. Then we can find the fundamental themes on the maps. After finding the articles belonging to these fundamental themes we(More)
The evolution of scientific fields analyzed by co-word analysis and presented in strategic diagrams is simulated based on the law of cumulative advantages - the probability of a new tie between two keywords depends positively on the frequencies in which both keywords have taken part already. The results we get from simulations are compared with the results(More)
Abstract: This article discusses a detection of peaks (steep time changes) in a time sequence of total factor productivity – a residual factor in the production function. The peaks can be interpreted – at least in the Real Business Cycles (RBC) Theory – as shocks caused by sudden technological innovations. One of the difficulties with the RBC theory is the(More)
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