Tomás A. Pérez

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In this paper we have gathered some interesting techniques to evaluate educative systems. Our main purpose is to evaluate HEZINET, an adaptive hypermedia System for education available commercially. Therefore, we also include a system evaluation plan to identify which types and techniques of evaluation will be needed in order to accomplish it.
Recently-developed testing theories and current technology make possible a fast and easy generation of computerized adaptive tests (CATs), which emulate the intelligent behaviour of human evaluators. In fact, they dynamically select and administer the most appropriate items depending on the previous responses given by the examinees. However, to choose the(More)
han adoptado. El uso de las nuevas tecnologías ayuda a mejorar muchos aspectos de la vida diaria, tanto profesional como personal. El proyecto que aquí se describe, la creación de una Biblioteca Digital para el Instituto de Derecho Histórico de Vasconia (IDHV), trata de potenciar tanto la difusión como el mantenimiento de los fondos del Instituto. El IDHV(More)