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Monozygotic male twins, carrying the same number of trinucleotide repeats in the IT 15 Huntington disease (HD) gene, showed a different clinical course. Patient 1 presented with anxiety and chorea at the age of 40. Patient 2 showed persecution paranoia and motor impersistence at the age of 42. Both patients were monitored for 30 months using currently(More)
OBJECTIVE To study the presence of IgG and IgM anticardiolipin antibodies (aCL) in children with human immunodeficiency virus (HIV) infection and to determine their prevalence and clinical significance. METHODS We studied 34 children with HIV infection: 26 patients were classified P-2, and 8 were P-1 according to the Centers for Disease Control(More)
Baroreflex failure after chemodectoma resection We present a case of baroreflex failure secondary to a unilateral injury of the glossopharyngeal nerve. The patient was operated for a left-sided chemodectoma in the carotid body. Some months after surgery she started to report presyncopal episodes exacerbated by mental stress and when standing up. During(More)
In this paper we have gathered some interesting techniques to evaluate educative systems. Our main purpose is to evaluate HEZINET, an adaptive hypermedia System for education available commercially. Therefore, we also include a system evaluation plan to identify which types and techniques of evaluation will be needed in order to accomplish it.
OBJECTIVE The immune response to the Ro(SSA) antigen is heterogeneous. Anti-Ro(SSA) positive sera may contain antibodies recognizing either a 60 or a 52 kDa polypeptide component of the Ro(SSA) particle. Thus we sought to determine the profile of anti-Ro(SSA) antibodies defined by immunoblotting in patients with rheumatic diseases. METHODS Immunoblotting(More)
INTRODUCTION Following a tripling of tuberculosis incidence in Cuba between 1991 and 1994 (from 4.7 to 14.7 per 100,000), the National TB Control Program was revamped in 1995 and the National Reference Center for Childhood TB and Provincial Childhood TB Commissions were created as a strategy for addressing this emerging health problem. OBJECTIVE Assess(More)