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In this paper a simple practical method for blind segmentation of continuous speech into its constituent syllables is presented. This technique which uses amplitude onset velocity and coarse spectral makeup to identify syllable boundaries is tested on a corpus of continuous speech and compared with an established segmentation algorithm. The results show(More)
We compared the ability of different Aeromonas hydrophila strains from serogroup O:34 grown at different temperatures to adhere to Hep-2 cells. We found a high level of adhesion when the strains were grown at 20 degrees C but not when they were grown at 37 degrees C. We previously described that these strains were able to form the O-antigen(More)
INTRODUCTION Type 1 diabetes can be diagnosed at an early presymptomatic stage by the detection of islet autoantibodies. The Fr1da study aims to assess whether early staging of type 1 diabetes (1) is feasible at a population-based level, (2) prevents severe metabolic decompensation observed at the clinical manifestation of type 1 diabetes and (3) reduces(More)
The experiments presented in this paper are situated at the crossroads of two fields: the understanding and communication of history to students and the field of Information and Communication Technologies (ICT). More specifically, we aim to propose to students, ways of transferring information about lifestyles and techniques linked to the construction(More)
As a part of the activities of the first Symposium on Process Improvement Models and Software Quality of the Spanish Public Administration, working groups were formed to discuss the current state of the Requirements Management and Supplier Agreement Management processes. This article presents general results and main contributions of those working groups.(More)
  • M Moner-Girona, Magda Moner-Girona, +27 authors Frank Wouters
  • 2008
<lb>The main aim of this policy-support document is to attract policy-makers attention in renewable energies<lb>deployment, offering to energy and development stakeholders an alternative subsidy-scheme to support<lb>electrification in a village-scale mini-grid based on the good performance of the renewable electricity generation.<lb>Market support(More)
Purpose: To evaluate nursing group interventions in women with anxiety nursing diagnosis by self NOC result of anxiety. Methodology: Pre-experimental pretest-posttest study composed by a single group of twelve women in a Mental Health Center of the Region of Murcia. The participants were a group of women in adulthood presenting the nursing diagnosis(More)
  • Hussam Musa, Tomáš, Katarína Frajtová-Michalíková, Lenka Debnárova
  • 2015
The development of credit derivatives, the emergence of the global financial crisis and the subsequent development of Basel III is currently pays more attention. For this reason, it is still increasing pressure on the need to estimate the probability of default of the entire portfolio and the expected loss in the event of default. The subject of this(More)