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Dissolved organic carbon and nitrogen (DOC and DON) produced in the forest floor are important for ecosystem functions such as microbial metabolism, pedogenesis and pollutant transport. Past work has shown that both DOC and DON production are related to litterfall and standing stocks of C and N in the forest floor. This study, conducted in spring, 2003,(More)
The goal of this study was to determine if selected biochemical, structural and spectral properties of Norway spruce needles are influenced by the azimuth orientation of the branch. Three youngest needle age classes from 20 mature (100 years old or older) Norway spruce trees were sampled from upper branches of the sunlit production crown part from each of(More)
The massive decline of Norway spruce ( Picea abies (L.) Karst) has been observed in the Krušné hory during the last few decades. Before macroscopic changes occur (e.g . needle yellowing and foliar lost), the effect of stress factors is initially recognisable as the metabolic and microscopic changes. Phenolics compounds , lignin and photosynthetic pigments(More)
We study a quantum Hamiltonian that models an two–dimensional array of Josephson junctions with short range Josephson couplings, (given by the Josephson energy EJ ) and charging energiey EC due to the small capacitance of the junctions. We include the effects from both the self-C0 and the junctionC1 capacitances in the presence of external magnetic flux f =(More)
Currently within the European Union a great attention is paid to the lifelong learning and a lot of projects in this area have been carried out also with its financial support. One of such projects was the project Improving the Professional, Managerial and Linguistic Knowledge and Skills of Customs Officers and Customs Administration. This project,(More)
We study the superfluid to Mott-insulator transition of bosons in an optical anizotropic lattice by employing the Bose-Hubbard model living on a two-dimensional lattice with anizotropy parameter κ. The compressible superfluid state and incompressible Mott-insulator (MI) lobes are efficiently described analytically, using the quantum U(1) rotor approach. The(More)