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Patterns in moss element concentrations in fens across species,habitats, and regions
We analysed element concentrations in apical parts of dominant peatand brown mosses along the complete pH/calcium gradient in fens of three Central European regions. Water chemistry determinedExpand
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European Vegetation Archive (EVA): an integrated database of European vegetation plots
The European Vegetation Archive (EVA) is a centralized database of European vegetation plots developed by the IAVS Working Group European Vegetation Survey. It has been in development since 2012 andExpand
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Formalized classification of European fen vegetation at the alliance level
Phytosociological classification of fen vegetation (Scheuchzerio palustris-Caricetea fuscae class) differs among European countries. Here we propose a unified vegetation classification of EuropeanExpand
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Spring-fen habitat islands in a warming climate: Partitioning the effects of mesoclimate air and water temperature on aquatic and terrestrial biota.
Climate warming and associated environmental changes lead to compositional shifts and local extinctions in various ecosystems. Species closely associated with rare island-like habitats such asExpand
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The harpacticoid assemblages (Copepoda: Harpacticoida) in the Western Carpathian spring fens in relation to environmental variables and habitat age
Abstract Harpacticoids are an important component of meiofaunal assemblages in springs. No information so far has been available on harpacticoid assemblages of the Western Carpathian spring fens,Expand
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Zajímavé bryofloristické nálezy XXIV.
Clanek pojednava o nalezech druhů Leiocolea badensis, Lophozia ascendens, Calliergon giganteum, Dicranella subulata, Dicranum muehlenbeckii, Entodon schleicheri, Hamatocaulis vernicosus, HelodiumExpand
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Vegetace rašelinišť severovýchodní části Českomoravské vrchoviny a její vztah k vlastnostem prostředí
Diplomova prace se zabýva vegetaci raselinisť a dalsich mokřadnich spolecenstev v severovýchodni casti Ceskomoravske vrchoviny. Studovana oblast zahrnuje severni polovinu Chraněne krajinne oblastiExpand
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sPlot – A new tool for global vegetation analyses
Aims Vegetation‐plot records provide information on the presence and cover or abundance of plants co‐occurring in the same community. Vegetation‐plot data are spread across research groups,Expand
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Changes in the moss layer in Czech fens indicate earlysuccession triggered by nutrient enrichment
Temperate fens are rapidly losing their specialized species. This applies even to seemingly untouched fens, in which the moss layer in particular is undergoing rapid succession.We analysed historicalExpand
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Testing inter‐regional variation in pH niches of fen mosses
Mosses are important ecosystem engineers in mires. Their pH optima and tolerances differ between regions, even though the high dispersal ability of mosses should prevent local adaptations. NutrientExpand
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