Tomáš Papajík

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Very important bacterial pathogens found in hematological patients at present are vancomycin-resistant enterococci (VRE). The main goal of this retrospective study was to assess their occurrence in relation to antibiotic use. We isolated 1918 Enterococcus strains, in toto, 138 (7.2%) of which proved to be VRE. The VRE most frequently identified were(More)
Antibody (rituximab) dependent cellular cytotoxicity is a key mechanism in killing CD20+ lymphoma cells. FcγRIIIA-158 V/F gene polymorphism results in expression of 3 variants of the FcγRIIIA receptor (FcγRIIIA) on cytotoxic lymphocytes with different receptor affinity. We studied 102 patients with newly diagnosed FL to assess whether the FcγRIIIA genotype(More)
This study aimed at mapping the frequency of IGHV3-21 and IGHV1-69 in a group of 417 patients newly diagnosed with chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL) and described basic characteristics, cytogenetic abnormalities and prognosis of these patient subgroups. IGHV3-21 was found in 29 patients (7%) and IGHV1-69 in 51 patients (12.4%). The median overall survival(More)
We describe 5 cases of fulminant hepatitis caused by the HBV infection in patients with haematological diseases, mostly malignancies (ALL, lymphoma, aplastic anemia, AML) following intensive chemotherapy. Infection was confirmed by serological examination (HBsAg positivity) and by electron microscopy (viral particles). After termination of chemotherapy(More)
The t(14;18) is the most frequent chromosomal aberration observed in follicular lymphoma (FL), and is less frequent in diffuse large cell lymphoma (DLCL). The bcl-2/IgH rearrangement constitutes good target for polymerase chain reaction (PCR) detection that allows to find out one tumor cell in 100,000 normal cells. The PCR assay was used to detect(More)
OBJECTIVES Positron emission tomography using 2-[fluorine-18]-fluoro-2-deoxy-D-glucose ((18) F-FDG) is considered to be the most beneficial imaging method for staging patients with non-Hodgkin's lymphoma (NHL). The intensity of (18) F-FDG accumulation may be determined by calculating the so-called standardised uptake value (SUV). The study aimed at(More)
BACKGROUND In many patients with chronic lymphocytic leukaemia requiring treatment, induction therapy with rituximab plus chemotherapy improves outcomes compared with chemotherapy alone. In this study we aimed to investigate the potential of rituximab maintenance therapy to prolong disease control in patients who respond to rituximab-containing induction(More)
BACKGROUND B-chronic lymphocytic leukemia (B-CLL), the most common type of leukemia in Western Europe and the United States, is characterized by clonal chromosomal abnormalities detected in almost half of the studied patients. The precise determination of chromosomal changes helps to indicate the prognosis and to understand the pathogenesis of CLL. (More)
BACKGROUND Peripheral T-cell lymphoma, unspecified (PTCL-US) is one of the entities from the infrequent family of nodal mature T-cell lymphomas. The clinical course is aggressive, and despite multiagent chemotherapy, the median survival is about 2 years. Published data are limited to retrospective, mostly single-center studies or reviews and usually include(More)