Tomáš Kovaľ

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Bacterial RNA polymerase (RNAP) is an essential multisubunit protein complex required for gene expression. Here, we characterize YvgS (HelD) from Bacillus subtilis, a novel binding partner of RNAP. We show that HelD interacts with RNAP-core between the secondary channel of RNAP and the alpha subunits. Importantly, we demonstrate that HelD stimulates(More)
The single-strand-specific S1 nuclease from Aspergillus oryzae is an archetypal enzyme of the S1-P1 family of nucleases with a widespread use for biochemical analyses of nucleic acids. We present the first X-ray structure of this nuclease along with a thorough analysis of the reaction and inhibition mechanisms and of its properties responsible for(More)
X-ray structure analysis of macromolecules is an important tool used to study biological macromolecules. Here, we present a summary of crystallization and diffraction data collection methods that are applied in the process of structure determination. Then, structural characterisation of bacterial RNA polymerase, a multisubunit protein complex performing(More)
Bifunctional nuclease TBN1 from Solanum lycopersicum-red tomato belongs to plant nuclease I group. TBN1 is a relatively small glycoprotein and shows considerable activity in cell apoptosis, tissue differentiation and vascular system development. Therefore detailed structural study of this enzyme can lead to new ways of cancer and bacterial disease(More)
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