Tomáš Dršata

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The Dickerson-Drew dodecamer (DD) d-[CGCGAATTCGCG]2 is a prototypic B-DNA molecule whose sequence-specific structure and dynamics have been investigated by many experimental and computational studies. Here, we present an analysis of DD properties based on extensive atomistic molecular dynamics (MD) simulations using different ionic conditions and water(More)
Ab initio surface hopping dynamics calculations were performed to study the photophysical behavior of cytosine and guanine embedded in DNA using a quantum mechanical/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) approach. It was found that the decay rates of photo excited cytosine and guanine were affected in a completely different way by the hydrogen bonding to the DNA(More)
A-tracts are functionally important DNA sequences which induce helix bending and have peculiar structural properties. While A-tract structure has been qualitatively well characterized, their mechanical properties remain controversial. A-tracts appear structurally rigid and resist nucleosome formation, but seem flexible in DNA looping. In this work, we(More)
Double stranded helical DNA and RNA are flexible molecules that can undergo global conformational fluctuations. Their bending, twisting and stretching deformabilities are of similar magnitude. However, recent single-molecule experiments revealed a striking qualitative difference indicating an opposite sign for the twist-stretch couplings of dsDNA and dsRNA(More)
Oxidatively-generated interstrand cross-links rank among the most deleterious DNA lesions. They originate from abasic sites, whose aldehyde group can form a covalent adduct after condensation with the exocyclic amino group of purines, sometimes with remarkably high yields. We use explicit solvent molecular dynamics simulations to unravel the structures and(More)
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