Tomáš Dršata

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Ab initio surface hopping dynamics calculations were performed to study the photophysical behavior of cytosine and guanine embedded in DNA using a quantum mechanical/molecular mechanics (QM/MM) approach. It was found that the decay rates of photo excited cytosine and guanine were affected in a completely different way by the hydrogen bonding to the DNA(More)
The Dickerson-Drew dodecamer (DD) d-[CGCGAATTCGCG]2 is a prototypic B-DNA molecule whose sequence-specific structure and dynamics have been investigated by many experimental and computational studies. Here, we present an analysis of DD properties based on extensive atomistic molecular dynamics (MD) simulations using different ionic conditions and water(More)
Double stranded helical DNA and RNA are flexible molecules that can undergo global conformational fluctuations. Their bending, twisting and stretching deformabilities are of similar magnitude. However, recent single-molecule experiments revealed a striking qualitative difference indicating an opposite sign for the twist-stretch couplings of dsDNA and dsRNA(More)
A recent study described an allosteric effect in which the binding of a protein to DNA is influenced by another protein bound nearby. The effect shows a periodicity of ∼10 basepairs and decays with increasing protein-protein distance. As a mechanistic explanation, the authors reported a similar periodic, decaying pattern of the correlation coefficient(More)
8-Oxoguanine (oxoG) is an abundant product of oxidative DNA damage. It is removed by repair glycosylases, but exactly how the enzymes recognize oxoG in the large surplus of undamaged bases is not fully understood. The lesion may induce changes in the properties of naked DNA that facilitate the recognition. In this work, we assess the effect of oxoG on DNA(More)
Oxidatively generated complex DNA lesions occur more rarely than single-nucleotide defects, yet they play an important role in carcinogenesis and aging diseases because they have proved to be more mutagenic than simple lesions. Whereas their formation pathways are rather well understood, the field suffers from the absence of structural data that are crucial(More)
A-tracts are functionally important DNA sequences which induce helix bending and have peculiar structural properties. While A-tract structure has been qualitatively well characterized, their mechanical properties remain controversial. A-tracts appear structurally rigid and resist nucleosome formation, but seem flexible in DNA looping. In this work, we(More)
The importance of allosteric effects in DNA is becoming increasingly appreciated, but the underlying mechanisms remain poorly understood. In this work, we propose a general modeling framework to study DNA allostery. We describe DNA in a coarse-grained manner by intra-base pair and base pair step coordinates, complemented by groove widths. Quadratic(More)
We present a systematic study of the long-timescale dynamics of the Drew-Dickerson dodecamer (DDD: d(CGCGAATTGCGC)2) a prototypical B-DNA duplex. Using our newly parameterized PARMBSC1 force field, we describe the conformational landscape of DDD in a variety of ionic environments from minimal salt to 2 M Na(+)Cl(-) or K(+)Cl(-) The sensitivity of the(More)
Mechanical properties of DNA are important not only in a wide range of biological processes but also in the emerging field of DNA nanotechnology. We review some of the recent developments in modeling these properties, emphasizing the multiscale nature of the problem. Modern atomic resolution, explicit solvent molecular dynamics simulations have contributed(More)