Tolga Tekin

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With metal stripes being intrinsic components of plasmonic waveguides, plasmonics provides a "naturally" energy-efficient platform for merging broadband optical links with intelligent electronic processing, instigating a great promise for low-power and small-footprint active functional circuitry. The first active Dielectric-Loaded Surface Plasmon Polariton(More)
We report electrical and optical injection locking of an InP colliding pulse mode locked laser emitting synchronized, nearly transform-limited output pulses at 10.3 GHz, fabricated by active-passive integration and a single step regrowth process. Semiconductor mode locked (ML) lasers operating at ~10 GHz have important applications for high-speed optical(More)
We present a novel monolithically integrated all-optical MZI switch for wavelength conversion consisting of MQW based electro-absorbers. The device has the potential of providing low noise and high-speed wavelength conversion. Introduction All-optical switch is one of the key components in ultra fast optical communications. Mach-Zehnder interferometer (MZI)(More)
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