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—Silicon photonics is a new technology that should at least enable electronics and optics to be integrated on the same optoelectronic circuit chip, leading to the production of low-cost devices on silicon wafers by using standard processes from the microelectronics industry. In order to achieve real-low-cost devices, some challenges need to be taken up(More)
With metal stripes being intrinsic components of plasmonic waveguides, plasmonics provides a "naturally" energy-efficient platform for merging broadband optical links with intelligent electronic processing, instigating a great promise for low-power and small-footprint active functional circuitry. The first active Dielectric-Loaded Surface Plasmon Polariton(More)
We report electrical and optical injection locking of an InP colliding pulse mode locked laser emitting synchronized, nearly transform-limited output pulses at 10.3 GHz, fabricated by active-passive integration and a single step regrowth process. Semiconductor mode locked (ML) lasers operating at ~10 GHz have important applications for high-speed optical(More)
In this paper, we report on a novel photonic integrated 70 GHz band (71-76 GHz) photoreceiver module featuring a 1.55 μm double-waveguide photodiode (PD) implemented with a planar bias-T, a low-noise amplifier (LNA), a high-power amplifier (HPA) and a grounded coplanar waveguide (GCPW) to WR-12 rectangular waveguide transition. The photoreceiver(More)
PhoxTroT is a large-scale research effort focusing on high performance, low energy and low cost optical interconnects across the multiple hierarchy levels in High Performance Computing Systems and Data Centre environments. The project focuses on a holistic approach to the optical interconnect challenges, by synergizing different fabrication platforms and(More)
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