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As an important project for Turkey to achieve Information/Knowledge Society Strategic Goals, the e-Government Gateway currently focuses on the delivery of public services via a single portal on the Internet. In later stages, other channels such as mobile devices will be available for use, underlying a transition towards mobile and ubiquitous government(More)
INTRODUCTION This article examines the unique characteristics of the NGO forum as a networked organization, that is, an organization structure that relies on multiparty cooperative relationships between people across structural, temporal and geographic boundaries. It studies the working methodology of the forum to discover the knowledge creation process and(More)
AbstrAct Development and extensive use of information and communication technologies has led to important implications for public sectors throughout the world. As a result, in governmental services, citizens have been enjoying better quality services, in an efficient and effective manner. e-government, however, is more related to " government " rather than(More)
This paper discusses the development and implementation of e-government services in Turkey. With the background information about e-government in general, Turkish case of e-government initiatives is discussed with a specific focus on "e-Government Gateway Project". Issues of Standardization, Inclusion, Citizen Satisfaction, Integration and Interoperability(More)
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