Tolga Kurtoglu

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We describe a trainable recognizer for multi-stroke symbols. The learned definitions are described in terms of the constituent geometric primitives (lines and arcs), the properties of individual primitives, and the geometric relationships between them. A definition is learned by examining a few examples of a symbol and identifying which properties and(More)
One of the most prominent technical challenges to effective deployment of health management systems is the vast difference in user objectives with respect to engineering development. In this paper, a detailed survey on the objectives of different users of health management systems is presented. These user objectives are then mapped to the metrics typically(More)
— We present a novel spatial planning system that automatically generates machining plans with stable fixtures to fabricate complex geometries. Given a cutting tool, the system initially finds all tool poses that do not cut into the desired part geometry, and constructs the maximal volume removable from a raw stock according to the tool's degrees of(More)
fault in a system is a change in the system that results in it no longer achieving the functionality for which it was originally intended. Diagnostic algorithms (DAs) (1) detect malfunctioning systems, (2) isolate the faulty component or components that cause the malfunction, and possibly (3) repair the system to restore its functionality. The fundamental(More)
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