Tolga Karakan

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OBJECTIVE To investigate the effect of sexual intercourse on spontaneous passage of distal ureteral stones. MATERIAL AND METHODS The patients were randomly divided into 3 groups with random number table envelope method. Patients in group 1 were asked to have sexual intercourse at least 3-4 times a week. Patients in group 2 were administered tamsulosin 0.4(More)
Penile foreign body injection is an uncommon entity produced by penile paraffin, mineral oil, and vaseline injections for the purpose of penile enlargement. Generally, penile subcutaneous and glandular injections for penile augmentation are performed by a nonmedical person, under unacceptable conditions. It will be an aim to share our experiences about(More)
OBJECTIVE Cadaveric dissection is used as a major tool for anatomy education at the medical school. In this study we aimed to determine how a uro-anatomy cadaveric dissection course would impact urology residents knowledge. MATERIALS AND METHODS A three days course was given to 50 urology residents by experienced trainers in 1-3 June 2012 at Ege(More)
PURPOSE To evaluate the ultrastructural features of the urinary stones removed with endoscopic stone surgery, using micro computed tomography (micro-CT). MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients who had endoscopic surgery for renal or ureteral stones removal were included in this study. After surgery, the stones were classified into three groups and investigated(More)
In this study we aimed to determine the effects of previous open renal surgery, percutaneous nephrolithotomy and extracorporeal shockwave lithotripsy (ESWL) on the results and complications of subsequent percutaneous nephrolithotomy (PCNL) in pediatric patients. We reviewed the files of all 105 patients with 116 renal units (RU) undergoing PCNL at two main(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the effectiveness and safety of ultrasonic and pneumatic lithotripters in the treatment of renal stone disease. MATERIALS AND METHODS A total of 227 consecutive percutaneous nephrolithotomy procedures for renal calculi were performed. In 107 patients ultrasonic lithotriptors were used (group I) and in 83 patients pneumatic(More)
PURPOSE We assessed the nephroprotective effects of montelukast sodium and N-acetylcysteine on secondary renal damage due to unilateral ureteral obstruction in a rat model. MATERIALS AND METHODS In this study 30 Wistar albino male rats were randomized into 3 groups, including placebo, N-acetylcysteine and montelukast sodium. Three rats served as the(More)
OBJECTIVES To research the effect of listening to music during shock wave lithotripsy (SWL) on the patient's pain control, anxiety levels, and satisfaction. PATIENTS AND METHODS The study comprised 400 patients from three hospitals. Half of patients listened to music during their first SWL session but not during their second session. The other half had no(More)
Cross-fused renal ectopia is a rare congenital anomaly in which both kidneys are fused and located on the same side. We report a case of right-to-left cross-fused renal ectopia and nephrolithiasis, in whom retrograde intrarenal surgery was used to treat the stone disease. To our knowledge, this is the first case of retrograde intrarenal surgery of a(More)
OBJECTIVE In this study we aimed to evaluate prognostic factors for the survival of patients with Fournier's gangrene (FG), and overview different validated scoring systems for outcome prediction. MATERIAL AND METHODS We retrospectively analyzed the data of 39 patients treated for FG in our clinic. Data were collected on medical history, symptoms,(More)