Tolga Güyer

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In this study, feasibility of computer algebra systems, which are more commonly used in science and engineering fields especially in mathematics and physics, is examined in terms of teaching mathematics. Primarily common features of general purpose computer algebra systems and the symbolic computation theory forming the basis of these systems are briefly(More)
One of the major features of a computer based instruction (CBI) is its non-linear structure allowing learners the opportunity of flexible navigation to accommodate their own needs. However, this non-linear structure may cause problems such as inefficient navigation, being lost or cognitive overhead for some learners. The aim of this study is to determine(More)
This paper presents a new functional computation model for developing a class of two-variable Lambda-Boolean functions, and describes the properties of the duality principle on this model. With respect to this aim, some definitions and theorems which construct the model of the two-variable Lambda-Boolean functions are given. The simulation of the model is(More)
This paper presents a new Lambda-Boolean reduction machine for Lambda-Boolean and Lambda-Beta Boolean reductions in the context of Lambda Calculus and introduces the role of Church–Rosser properties and functional computation model in symbolic and algebraic computation with induction. The algorithm which improved for Lambda-Beta Boolean reduction is(More)
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