Tolga Berber

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Many computer aided diagnosis (CAD) systems help radiologist on difficult task of mass detection in a breast mammogram and, besides, they also provide interpretation about detected mass. One of the most crucial information of a mass is its shape and contour, since it provides valuable information about spread ability of a mass. However, accuracy of shape(More)
This paper present the details of participation of DEMIR (Dokuz Eylul University Multimedia Information Retrieval) research team to the context of our participation to the ImageCLEF 2011 Medical Retrieval task. This year, we evaluated fusion and re-ranking method which is based on the best low level feature of images with best text retrieval result. We(More)
This paper present the participation details of DEMIR (Dokuz Eylul University Multimedia Information Retrieval) research team at ImageCLEFwiki2011. This year we investigate on evaluating of different weighting models on text retrieval performance. In the case of low-level feature selection, we extracted different features and examined their performance to(More)
Retinal image quality assessment (IQA) is a crucial process for automated retinal image analysis systems to obtain an accurate and successful diagnosis of retinal diseases. Consequently, the first step in a good retinal image analysis system is measuring the quality of the input image. We present an approach for finding medically suitable retinal images for(More)
The lack of laboratory tests for the diagnosis of most of the congenital anomalies renders the physical examination of the case crucial for the diagnosis of the anomaly; and the cases in the diagnostic phase are mostly being evaluated in the light of the literature knowledge. In this respect, for accurate diagnosis, ,it is of great importance to provide the(More)
In this paper, we propose MPEG-7 based Electronic Service Guide (ESG) within Multimedia Broadcast Multicast System (MBMS). Our prototype covers OMA BCAST ESG fragments defined for MBMS and extends content fragment of ESG by MPEG-7. In order to demonstrate the usefulness of our approach, we implement a test application that provides a multimedia query for(More)
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