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We describe the formation and properties of atomically bonded, optical quality, nanostructured thin glass film coatings on glass plates, utilizing phase separation by spinodal decomposition in a sodium borosilicate glass system. Following deposition via magnetron sputtering, thermal processing and differential etching, these coatings are structurally(More)
Over the past few years, the scientific community, as well as the world's coatings industry has seen the introduction of oxide/polymer-based superhydrophobic surfaces and coatings with exceptional water repellency. Online videos have caught the public's imagination by showing people walking through mud puddles without getting their tennis shoes wet or(More)
In the developing field of printed electronics, nanoparticle based inks such as CuO show great promise as a low-cost alternative to other metal-based counterparts (e.g., silver). In particular, CuO inks significantly eliminate the issue of particle oxidation before and during the sintering process that is prevalent in Cu-based formulations. We report here(More)
Superhydrophobic surfaces based on polydimethyl siloxane (PDMS) were fabricated using a 50:50 PDMS-poly(ethylene glycol) (PEG) blend. PDMS was mixed with PEG, and incomplete phase separation yielded a hierarchic structure. The phase-separated mixture was annealed at a temperature close to the crystallization temperature of the PEG. The PEG crystals were(More)
Transparent nanostructured glass coatings, fabricated on glass substrates, with a unique three-dimensional (3D) architecture were utilized as the foundation for designing plasmonic 3D transparent conductors. Transformation of the nonconducting 3D structure to a conducting porous surface network was accomplished through atomic layer deposition of(More)
S SUBMITTED FOR CONFERENCES AND WORKSHOPS Aytug, T., M. Paranthaman, S. Kang, H.-Y. Zhai, S. Sathyamurthy, H. M. Christen, D. K. Christen, and<lb>R. E. Ericson, “Assessment of Insulating LaMnO<lb>3<lb>and Conductive La<lb>1–x<lb>A<lb>x<lb>MnO<lb>3<lb>(A = Sr,Ca)<lb>Perovskites as Single Oxide Buffer Layers for YBa<lb>2<lb>Cu<lb>3<lb>O<lb>7–δ Coated(More)
By exploiting phase-separation in oxide materials, we present a simple and potentially low-cost approach to create exceptional superhydrophobicity in thin-film based coatings. By selecting the TiO2-Cu2O system and depositing through magnetron sputtering onto single crystal and metal templates, we demonstrate growth of nanostructured, chemically(More)
A two-step solution processing approach has been established to grow void-free perovskite films for low-cost high-performance planar heterojunction photovoltaic devices. A high-temperature thermal annealing treatment was applied to drive the diffusion of CH3NH3I precursor molecules into a compact PbI2 layer to form perovskite films. However, thermal(More)
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