Tolga Ayav

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We present a formal approach to implement fault-tolerance in real-time embedded systems. The initial fault-intolerant system consists of a set of independent periodic tasks scheduled onto a set of fail-silent processors connected by a reliable communication network. We transform the tasks such that, assuming the availability of an additional spare(More)
In data grid systems, data replication aims to increase availability, fault tolerance, load balancing and scalability while reducing bandwidth consumption, and job execution time. Several classification schemes for data replication were proposed in the literature, (i) static vs. dynamic, (ii) centralized vs. decentralized, (iii) push vs. pull, and (iv)(More)
—VHDL programs are often tested by means of simulations, relying on test benches written intuitively. In this paper, we propose a formal approach to construct test benches from system specification. To consider the real-time properties of VHDL programs, we first transform them to timed automata and then perform model checking against the properties(More)