Tolga Çakmak

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Irisin was first identified in skeletal muscle cells, but its precise location has not yet been demonstrated, and there is limited information about irisin protein in other human and rat tissues. The present immunohistochemical study was undertaken to screen skeletal muscle and other tissues for irisin immunoreactivity. İrisin staining was found in the(More)
Myocardial infarction (MI; "heart attack") can cause injury to or death of heart muscle tissue (myocardium) owing to prolonged ischemia and hypoxia. Troponins and CK-MB are released from heart muscle cells during MI. It has been demonstrated that energy expenditure is regulated by adropin expressed in the endocardium, myocardium, and epicardium. We(More)
INTRODUCTION Hyperbaric oxygen (HBO2) treatment accelerates the healing process of diabetic foot ulcers (DFU) by increasing tissue oxygenation in hypoxic tissues. Ischemia-modified albumin (IMA) is produced as a result of serum albumin flowing through ischemic tissues. We aimed to investigate the effect of HBO2 therapy on IMA levels in patients with DFU. (More)
OBJECTIVE The aim of this pilot study was to determine clinical and laboratory factors that predict amputation surgery and to evaluate the predictive value of soluble CD14 (sCD14), interleukin-6 (IL-6), and procalcitonin (PCT) in patients with diabetic foot ulcers (DFUs). METHODS Twenty-seven (20 males, 7 females) Diabetic Foot Ulcers (DFU) patients(More)
Propose: In this study, existing conditions, problems, and expectations in the application of electronic records management in Turkey are evaluated on the basis of the data obtained from 17 institutions. The main goal of the study is to define to what extent the applications in information and records services in electronic environment are compatible with(More)
OBJECTIVES To compare the mean platelet volume (MPV; a general marker of platelet activation) in groups of patients with and without hypertension and to analyse its relationship with left ventricular mass index (LVMI). METHODS This cross-sectional, observational study enrolled newly diagnosed patients with untreated stage I-II hypertension and healthy(More)
BACKGROUND Premature ventricular contractions (PVCs) presenting as isolated complexes are insignificant, but if they present as salvos they are considered indicators of high risk for potentially fatal arrhythmias. CASE REPORT We present the case of a 39-yr-old male military parachuter with PVCs and ventricular tachycardia that were incidentally detected(More)
INTRODUCTION Syncope may be the initial clinical presentation of atrial fibrillation (AF) and has a great potential for incapacitation during flight. Herein is presented the case of a jet pilot who had paroxysmal palpitations accompanied with presyncope which progressed to syncope and was found to be associated with AF. CASE REPORT A 23-yr-old male jet(More)
The constant developments in web technologies have reconstructed the structure of most web-based applications and systems, causing web users to alter their behaviors/expectations. Playing an important role in the transference of information via multifarious technologies, libraries have been improving the structure and interface of their OPAC (Online Public(More)