Tokuma Tanuma

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Recently, bacterial infection causing periodontal disease has attracted considerable attention as a risk factor for pancreatic cancer. Fusobacterium species is an oral bacterial group of the human microbiome. Some evidence suggests that Fusobacterium species promote colorectal cancer development; however, no previous studies have reported the association(More)
Introduction Gastric cancer represents the second leading cause of cancer death worldwide, with some 50,000 individuals dying annually from the disease in Japan, where early endoscopic detection of gastric cancer remains the cornerstone that contributes not only to a decrease in mortality from gastric cancer but also to optimization of care, with the use of(More)
Polycomb group protein enhancer of zeste homolog 2 (EZH2) is a methyltransferase that correlates with the regulation of invasion and metastasis and is overexpressed in human cancers such as colorectal cancer. MicroRNA-31 (miR-31) plays an oncogenic role and is associated with BRAF mutation and poor prognosis in colorectal cancer. EZH2 is functionally(More)
Upper canine protects molar teeth from occlusal trauma by controlling lateral movement of mandible and discluding. Hence, it is expressive to find relative position between lingual contour of upper canine and lower canine. The authors have investigated relative position between clinical crown of upper and lower canine with rectangular coordinates system(More)
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