Tokuji Kitsunai

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Current methods of plasmid preparation do not allow for large capacity automated processing. We have developed an automated high-throughput system that prepares plasmid DNA for large-scale sequencing. This system is based on our previously reported filtration method. In this method, cell harvesting, alkaline lysis, and plasmid purification occur in a single(More)
The RIKEN high-throughput 384-format sequencing pipeline (RISA system) including a 384-multicapillary sequencer (the so-called RISA sequencer) was developed for the RIKEN mouse encyclopedia project. The RISA system consists of colony picking, template preparation, sequencing reaction, and the sequencing process. A novel high-throughput 384-format capillary(More)
A reliable and easy to use manual dispensing system has been developed for the in meso membrane protein crystallization method. The system consists of a stepping motor-based dispenser with a new microsyringe system for dispensing, which allows us to deliver any desired volume of highly viscous lipidic mesophase in the range from ~50 to at least ~200 nl. The(More)
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