Toko Asano

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In Phases 1 and 3, two Japanese monkeys responded on a multiple variable-ratio 80 variable-interval X schedule, where the value of X was adjusted to ensure equal between-schedule reinforcement rates. Components strictly alternated following the delivery of a food pellet, and each session ended following 50 components. Phase 2 differed from the others only(More)
Humans chose 10 times between two roulette wheels projected on a monitor. During the first trial, the left wheel provided a hypothetical $100 with p = .94, and the right wheel provided $250 with p = .39. A titration procedure adjusted the probability of a $250 win across trials to permit estimation of an indifference point between alternatives. In(More)
The temporal pattern of exploratory behavior of a troop of Japanese monkeys to a novel apparatus introduced into their habitat was examined during four successive 24-hour periods. An "exploratory behavior" was defined as a press to a transilluminated panel within the apparatus. These presses had no scheduled consequences. The results showed that: (1) there(More)
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