Tokiko Murakami

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OBJECT The pathophysiology of syringomyelia in Chiari type 1 malformations has not been clarified. Oedema-like spinal-cord swelling was recently reported in several pathological conditions, including Chiari type 1 malformations as a pre-syrinx state. However, the role of the pre-syrinx state in the development of syringomyelia is unknown. The purpose of(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE 3D time-of-flight (TOF) MR angiography (MRA) is insensitive to slow flow; however, the use of MR imaging contrast agents helps to visualize slow-flow vessels and avoids overestimation of vascular occlusion. The purpose of this study was to correlate pre- and postcontrast 3D TOF MRA with the results of conventional angiography during(More)
PURPOSE To describe the MR appearance of Warthin tumor and correlate the images with pathologic sections. METHODS MR studies of seven patients with Warthin tumors in the parotid gland were retrospectively reviewed; MR results were compared with pathologic specimens in five instances. FINDINGS One patient had a bilateral tumor; another had three tumors(More)
BACKGROUND In Parkinson's disease, sleep disturbance is a common occurrence. METHODS We evaluated sleep in 10 patients with Parkinson's disease (age, 57.5 ± 9.8 years; disease duration, 12.3 ± 2.7 years) before and after subthalamic nucleus deep brain stimulation using the Parkinson's disease sleep scale and polysomnography. RESULTS Their total sleep(More)
This report describes a 46 year old woman having both thymoma and myotonic dystrophy. Laboratory studies revealed an anterior mediastinal mass, lymphocytopenia, anergic reaction to dinitrochlorobenzene and electrophysiological evidence of myotonia. Postmortem examination disclosed a thymoma with predominant proliferation of epithelial cells. This paper is(More)
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