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We propose a weather recognition method from in-vehicle camera images that uses a subspace method to judge rainy weather by detecting raindrops on the windshield. "Eigendrops" represent the principal components extracted from raindrop images in the learning stage. Then the method detects raindrops by template matching. In experiments using actual video(More)
Pencil tracing, a new approach to ray tracing, is introduced for faster image synthesis with more physical fidelity. The paraxial approximation theory for efficiently tracing a pencil of rays is described and analysis of its errors is conducted to insure the accuracy required for pencil tracing. The paraxial approimation is formulated from a 4x4 matrix (a(More)
We propose a method to recognize the visibility of traffic signals from a driver's perspective. The more that driver assistance systems are equipped for practical use, the more information that is being provided for drivers. So each information provision system should select appropriate information based on the situation. Our goal is to realize a system(More)
We propose a web-based training system and courseware for advanced computer graphics for undergraduate students. By using the system, the students have no temporal and spatial limitations for learning computer graphics technologies. Once they can connect to the Internet, they can study for as much time as they wish and in any place. We have designed more(More)
Recently driving support techniques using in-vehicle sensors have attracted much attention and have been applied to practical systems. We focus on supporting drivers in poor visibility conditions. Fog is one of the causes that lead to lack of visibility. In this paper, we propose a method of judging fog density using in-vehicle camera images and(More)