Toivo Jurimae

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BACKGROUND The purposes of this study were to investigate the resting levels and the acute hormonal response of total testosterone (Ttot), free testosterone (Tfree), cortisol (C) and Tfree:C ratio to the 6-minute all-out rowing ergometer test. METHODS. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN Cross-sectional study to investigate the responses of blood hormones to the maximal(More)
Relationships between functional anaerobic indicators and the character of cellular muscle energy metabolism were studied. Twelve untrained male students were tested by a specific anaerobic test on the treadmill. The mean values of the anaerobic test were as follows: blood lactate 10.69 mmol · 1−1, running speed 16.08 km · h−1 and duration 92.67 s. The(More)
The importance of body composition measurements to elucidate the dynamics of related diseases in pediatrics is gaining recognition. The methods used should not expose subjects to high doses of radiation and require substantial cooperation. The Lipometer is a new optical device that enables the non-invasive, quick and safe determination of the thickness of(More)
The optical device LIPOMETER enables the non-invasive, quick, and save determination of the thickness of subcutaneous adipose tissue layers at any given site of the human body. The specification of 15 evenly distributed body sites allows the precise measurement of subcutaneous body fat distribution, so-called subcutaneous adipose tissue topography(More)
Like other athletes, ballroom dancers often compete in short time in different countries under condition of high stress, subjecting them to risk of injury and burnout. In the present study, we measured the aerobic and anaerobic capacities (both during dance and during a simulated ballroom competition), agility, hand and abdominal strength, jumping capacity,(More)
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