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INTRODUCTION In a previous review of randomized controlled trials (RCTs) on the pharmacotherapeutic management of aggression, it was shown that there is only weak evidence of effectiveness. In the present study we aim to determine comparability of patients included in these RCTs and patients of psychiatric long-stay wards. METHODS Exclusion criteria that(More)
BACKGROUND Sialorrhea affects approximately 75% of patients with Parkinson disease (PD). Sialorrhea is often treated with anticholinergics, but central side effects limit their usefulness. Glycopyrrolate (glycopyrronium bromide) is an anticholinergic drug with a quaternary ammonium structure not able to cross the blood-brain barrier in considerable amounts.(More)
Despite initial enthusiasm, the use of pharmacogenetics has remained limited to investigation in only a few clinical fields such as oncology and psychiatry. The main reason is the paucity of scientific evidence to show that pharmacogenetic testing leads to improved clinical outcomes. Moreover, for most pharmacogenetic tests (such as tests for genetic(More)
We assessed several classes of serotonergic drugs in order to evaluate whether they constitute a risk factor for hospitalization for bleeding (gastrointestinal, intracranial, or in the female genital tract). A case-control study was conducted using data from the PHARMO record linkage system (RLS). The study population comprised 28,289 cases and 50,786(More)
OBJECTIVES To determine the prevalence and determinants of thyroid dysfunction in older patients with affective disorders divided into lithium and nonlithium patients. METHODS This study was conducted as a retrospective cross-sectional study in patients of 65 years and older with affective disorders according to Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental(More)
Use of ED medication can be seen as a marker for ED. ED is associated with increasing age, exposure to traumatic events and physical injuries in military veterans. The objective of this study was to assess the prevalence of use of ED medication in Dutch military personnel in the period 2003-2012 and to assess its association with age and psychotropic(More)
BACKGROUND Age-dependent changes in lithium pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic properties can influence lithium use in an aging population, especially as newer treatment options are available. OBJECTIVE We compared lithium use patterns between middle-aged and elderly outpatients in the Netherlands. METHODS Data for this study were obtained from the(More)
RATIONALE Knowledge transfer and translation (KT) has become an important component in health care systems worldwide. Antidepressant use in pregnancy has become a controversial subject for a number of reasons, including differing interpretations of study results. METHODS Selected key articles were indentified and retrieved from the literature. Relevant(More)