Toine Andernach

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In this paper, we present Kohonen Self-Organizing Feature Maps (SOMs) as a method for automatically nding classes of dialogue utterances on the basis of superrcial utterance features, in particular for dialogues found in the Schisma corpus. Furthermore, we discuss some ways for determining the quality of a certain utterance classiication. We propose to use(More)
SCHISMA is a joint research project of KPN (Royal PTT Nederland) and the University of Twente. The project aims at providing a natural language dialogue system which interfaces a database containing information about theatre performances in a certain city or region. The interface should make it possible to ask about performances in general, to tune in to a(More)
This paper addresses the application of dialogue management techniques in a buyer-seller situation. In particular, we will describe the techniques used in the SCHISMA system, a system that provides the caller with information on theatre performances, and optionally "sells" the caller one or more tickets for a given performance.
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