Tohru Tamura

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SUMMARY This report describes a quantification method for lumi-nance non-uniformity of a large LED backlight. In experiments described herein, participants subjectively evaluated artificial indistinct Mura images that simulated luminance non-uniformity of an LED backlight. We measured the luminance distribution of the Mura images. Then, the measured(More)
A method of automated measurement of the EOG amplitude is described. Its main advantages are as follows: 1. The mean of amplitudes, at a series of time dots within a single EOG deflection recorded with DC-amplification, are automatically measured and printed out. 2. Artifacts due to blinks, overshoots or other irregular eye movements are automatically(More)
An algorithm is proposed to interpolate the pulse wave during the measurement of SpO<sub>2</sub> by using Kalman filter identification of autoregression (AR) coefficients, Kalman filter interpolation, and a fixed-interval smoother. This combined algorithm picks up the pulse rate smoothly from pulse waves contaminated by two specific artifact types:(More)
SUMMARY We developed a quantitative evaluation method for lumi-nance and color uniformity on a display screen. In this paper, we report the analysis result of a viewer perception of luminance and color uniformity. In experiments, observers subjectively evaluated Mura images which were showed on the light emitting diode (LED) backlight screen by adjusting(More)
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