Tohru Tamamoto

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To determine the incidence of microsatellite instability (MSI) and its relationship with both clinicopathologic parameters and patient survival, 101 cases of breast cancer were investigated. In addition, transforming growth factor‐β (TGF‐β) receptor type II (RII) gene mutation was also examined to clarify the relation to MSI in breast cancer development.(More)
The adhesive property of toxin-coregulated pilus (TCP) to the human intestine jejunum), and whether or not TCP mediates the adhesion of Vibrio cholerae 395 organisms to the intestinal epithelium were investigated using visually proving methods. The purified TCP did not agglutinate human erythrocytes nor adhere to the surface of human intestinal epithelium.(More)
We previously reported that the nude mouse-derived splenic T cell clone, N-9F, exhibits a proliferative response to the SL10.3 thymic epithelial cell clone. In the present study we generated an Armenian hamster mAb, HS9, specific for SL10.3, which inhibited the N-9F's proliferative response to SL10.3. We performed thymocyte repopulation experiments using(More)
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