Tohru Sunaga

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In a time division duplex (TDD) based adaptive array antenna (AAA)/space division multiple access (SDMA) system, the array weights determined from up-link signals can be applied to the down-link transmission because of the channel reciprocity. However, under fast fading conditions, for example due to fast moving mobile station (MS), the array weights are no(More)
,Abm.~rI A local v i r tua l signal tuned (VST) null-steering adaptive antenna array applied to mobile stations is proposed in this paper. The VST adaptive array detects the spatial signature o f the incident signals and generates local uncorrelated virtual signals hased on the spatial signature to control the array weights in order t o form the reqiiired(More)
HFCI34a was selected for the alternative refrigerant for CFC12 because of its excellent properties like thermodynamics. But there were several problems like immiscibilitiy with oil to replace CFC12 by HFC134a. In order to solve these problems, we developed new polyol ester refrigeration oil which had good miscibility with HFC134a and excellent thermal(More)
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