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Investigation of the non-equilibrium dynamics after an impulsive impact provides insights into couplings among various excitations. A two-temperature model (TTM) is often a starting point to understand the coupled dynamics of electrons and lattice vibrations: the optical pulse primarily raises the electronic temperature T(el) while leaving the lattice(More)
Magnetic ferrites such as Fe(3)O(4) and Fe(2)O(3) are extensively used in a range of applications because they are inexpensive and chemically stable. Here we show that rhodium-substituted ε-Fe(2)O(3), ε-Rh(x)Fe(2-x)O(3) nanomagnets prepared by a nanoscale chemical synthesis using mesoporous silica as a template, exhibit a huge coercive field (H(c)) of 27(More)
Ultrafast infrared photoluminescence spectroscopy was applied to a three-dimensional topological insulator TlBiSe2 under ambient conditions. The dynamics of the luminescence exhibited bulk-insulating and gapless characteristics bounded by the bulk band gap energy. The existence of the topologically protected surface state and the picosecond-order relaxation(More)
Short pulses generated from low-cost semiconductor lasers by a simple gain-switching technique have attracted enormous attention because of their potential usage in wide applications. Therein, reducing the durations of gain-switched pulses is a key technical point for promoting their applications. Therefore, understanding the dynamic characteristics of(More)
Ultra-short pulses in blue region generated from compact and low-cost semiconductor lasers have attracted much attention for a wide variety of applications. Nitride-based vertical-cavity surface-emitting lasers (VCSELs), having intrinsic high material gain and short cavities, favor the generation of ultra-short blue pulses via a simple gain-switching(More)
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