Tohru Shirai

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A compact mouse MRI has been developed using a 1.0T yokeless permanent magnet and portable MRI console. The entire system was installed in a space measuring 2 m x 1 m. The imaging region was the cylindrical volume (35 mm diameter, 50 mm length) at the center of the magnet and was used for whole-brain or body imaging of mice. Whole-brain imaging took less(More)
An isocentric superconducting rotating-gantry for heavy-ion therapy is being developed [1]. This rotating gantry can transport heavy ions having 430 MeV/u to an isocenter with irradiation angles of over ±180°, and is further capable of performing fast raster-scanning irradiation [2]. A layout of the beam-transport line for the compact rotating-gantry is(More)
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