Tohru Matsunaga

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To economically meet the increasing demand for greater processing capability and. reliability in information processing systems, we have developed a processor-to-processor communications unit (PCI) using a lOOM’b/s optical token ring. This paper describes a model for evaluating the performance of data transmissions carried over the PCIs, introduces the(More)
This paper reviews the hyper-media photonic information network (HM-PIN) concept as a candidate of innovative future networks based on photonic technologies. The HM-PIN having a universal network interface integrates a variety of information services: telecommunications, newspapers, magazines, TV broadcasts and the growing collection of information servers.(More)
A photonic ATM switch based on wavelengthdivision multiplexing will include several lossy passive devices, erbium-doped fiber amplifiers, and semiconductor optical amplifiers (SOAs) in a cascade configuration for fast switching of ns order. Its level diagram, which is very different from those of optical transmission links, has not been adequately studied.(More)
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