Tohru Kitagawa

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The experience with transaxillary first-rib resection and scalenotomy reported herein shows these to be safe and effective treatments for patients with thoracic outlet syndrome (TOS). The former operation usually offers the best possibility for complete resection of the first rib and all anomalous congenital bands, and is curative in most cases, regardless(More)
Weekly administration of paclitaxel with a short course of premedication was performed for 8 patients with advanced or recurrent gastric cancer. In this regimen, 500 ml of physiological saline with vitamins was administered in a 3-hour infusion. After 30 minutes of infusion, dexamethasone 10 mg, chlorpheniramine maleate 5 mg, famotidine 20 mg and ramosetron(More)
Proton therapy was developed as one of the most promising radiation therapy techniques and it has shown remarkable improvement of the local cure rate of cancer lesions and decrease of late injury. However, cooperation with chemotherapy is to be considered as a reasonable way to further improve the radical cure rate, because the indication of proton therapy(More)
A vertical banded gastroplasty was performed in an adult female patient with Prader-Willi syndrome in an attempt to prevent the metabolic deterioration caused by polyphagia. After her operation, the patient felt satiated with the scheduled amount of food and one month later, her fasting blood sugar concentration (FBS) decreased from 521 to 125 mg/dl, and(More)
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