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Combinatorial testing is a specification-based testing criterion, which requires that for each t-way combination of input parameters of a system, every combination of valid values of these t parameters be covered by at least one test case. This approach is motivated by the observation that in many applications a significant number of faults are caused by(More)
This paper presents two distributed algorithms for detecting and resolving deadlocks. By insuring that only one of the deadlock processes will detect it, the problem of resolving the deadlock is simplified. That process could simply abort itself. In one version of the algorithm, an arbitrary process detects deadlock; and in a second version, the process(More)
In a previous paper, Kuhn [1999] showed that faults in Boolean specifications constitute a hierarchy with respect to detectability, and drew the conclusion that missing condition faults should be hypothesized to generate tests. However this conclusion was premature, since the relationships between missing condition faults and faults in other classes have(More)
This paper describes an actual experience of software process improvement at OMRON corporation. For effective technical transfer, a software engineering process group (SEPG) has set three principal goals as follows: (1) motivate developers to improve on their process, (2) describe and define current software process correctly and in detail, (3) present a(More)
ÐThe use of quorums is a well-known approach to achieving mutual exclusion in distributed computing systems. This approach works based on a coterie, a special set of node groups where any pair of the node groups shares at least one common node. Each node group in a coterie is called a quorum. Mutual exclusion is ensured by imposing that a node gets(More)
Because of the increase of needs for spam e-mail detection, the spam filtering technique has been improved as a convenient and effective technique for text mining. We propose a novel approach to detect fault-prone modules in a way that the source code modules are considered as text files and are applied to the spam filter directly. In order to show the(More)