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A 28-year-old woman with ascites was admitted to our hospital. We diagnosed peritonitis carcinomatosa caused by colon cancer complicated by ulcerative colitis. We performed peritoneal tap and infusion of mitomycin C, and administered 5-fluorouracil. Her clinical status gradually worsened, and she died 5 months later. At autopsy, the histological examination(More)
A 43-year-old man was admitted with idiopathic fever. Abdominal ultrasonogram demonstrated multiple hypoechoic lesions in the spleen. Abdominal CT scan showed multiple hypodense lesions in the liver and spleen. The patient had a cat in his house, and the presence of a very high serous antibody titer for Bartonella henselae led to the diagnosis of(More)
BACKGROUND The effect of steroids against inflammatory mediators is well known, but its benefit and adverse effect on the postoperative clinical course are uncertain after esophageal resection for carcinoma. METHODS Forty-three cases undergoing esophageal resection for carcinoma were studied retrospectively. Twenty-six cases, given corticosteroids during(More)
In order to investigate the influence of cuff size and anthropometric values for the measurement of indirect blood pressure (IP) by sphygmomanometer, IP was measured simultaneously with the recording of direct aortic pressure (DP) by catheter tip micromanometer. Observations were made in 56 patients, aged 3 to 16 years. The majority had a history of(More)
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