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We propose a method to detect the model, location and activity of a conventional home electric appliance. Waveforms of current consumed by appliances vary according to their configurations and activity. We define feature parameters for detecting the status of appliances. A current detector, microcomputer and transmitter are equipped in a power outlet in(More)
Recently, active networks have been highlighted as a key enabling technology to obtain immense flexibility in terms of network deployment, configurability, and packet processing. Exploiting this flexibility, we present an active network application for real-time speech transmission where plugin modules are downloaded onto certain network nodes to perform(More)
A linear algebraic theory called the 'multiple Arnoldi method' is presented and realizes large-scale (order-N) electronic structure calculations with generalized eigenvalue equations. A set of linear equations, in the form of (zS - H)x = b, are solved simultaneously with multiple Krylov subspaces. The method is implemented in a simulation package ELSES(More)
Text chat systems are popular and widely used by a lot of users. However, there are sometimes redundant interactions between the users because of its less awareness. In this paper , we propose a text chat system called " GaChat " , which simultaneously appends related information about the dialogue text between its users. First, proper nouns are extracted(More)
Summar y This paper describes the architecture and implementation of the Broadband ISDN Group Tele-Working System , as well as some of the concepts behind it. The B-ISDN Group Tele-Working System is a desktop multimedi a communication and collaboration platform for use over B-ISDN. It supports visual communication and facilitates realtime collaboration(More)
Helical multishell gold nanowires are studied theoretically for the formation mechanism of the helical domain boundary. Nanowires with a wire length of more than 10 nm are relaxed by quantum mechanical molecular dynamics simulation with a tight-binding form Hamiltonian. In the results, non-helical nanowires are transformed into helical ones with the(More)
Leukotriene (LT) D4 receptor in the granulation tissue formed in the air pouch-type allergic inflammation model in rats was analyzed. Membrane preparation of the granulation tissue obtained 3-9 days after the antigen challenge has specific binding sites of [3H]LTD4. Scatchard analysis showed that the affinity (Kd) and the density (Bmax) were not changed(More)