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We propose a method to detect the model, location and activity of a conventional home electric appliance. Waveforms of current consumed by appliances vary according to their configurations and activity. We define feature parameters for detecting the status of appliances. A current detector, microcomputer and transmitter are equipped in a power outlet in(More)
Recently, active networks have been highlighted as a key enabling technology to obtain immense flexibility in terms of network deployment, configurability, and packet processing. Exploiting this flexibility, we present an active network application for real-time speech transmission where plugin modules are downloaded onto certain network nodes to perform(More)
Text chat systems are popular and widely used by a lot of users. However, there are sometimes redundant interactions between the users because of its less awareness. In this paper, we propose a text chat system called ”GaChat”, which simultaneously appends related information about the dialogue text between its users. First, proper nouns are extracted from(More)
Platform for Broadband ISDN : The Broadband ISDN Group Tele-Working Syste m Extended Abstract Tohru Hoshi, Yasuhiro Takahashi, and Kenjiro Mor i Systems Development Laboratory, Hitachi, Ltd . E-mail : hoshi@sdl .hitachi .co.jp Summar y This paper describes the architecture and implementation of the Broadband ISDN Group Tele-Working System, as well as some(More)
In this paper, we propose "DIVE", an intuitive 3D CG manipulation system with fluid display. DIVE displays 3D CG objects on the surface of a tank that is filled with opaque liquid. DIVE's user inserts his/her arm into the fluid display, and manipulates the CG objects by the hand under the liquid surface. DIVE also displays a CG hand (virtual hand) on the(More)
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