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Impedance-Differential Protection: A New Approach to Transmission-Line Pilot Protection
Differential protection is able to provide the most selective protection compared with other protective schemes. In this paper, a new differential scheme is proposed for pilot protection ofExpand
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Protection of transmission lines using fault component integrated power
In this study, a novel scheme is proposed for pilot protection of transmission line based on the fault component integrated power (FCIP). An appropriate definition is proposed for FCIP. The proposedExpand
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Modified iteration particle swarm optimization procedure for economic dispatch solving with non-smooth and non-convex fuel cost function
This paper proposes a novel technique named modified iteration particle swarm optimization for finding possible optimal solution in the economic load dispatch problem considering non-convex andExpand
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Real-time monitoring of zone 3 vulnerable distance relays to prevent maloperation under load encroachment condition
Undesired trip operation of zone 3 units of distance relays in power transmission network, during static and dynamic load encroachment can lead to cascading failures and even catastrophic powerExpand
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Proposing FOPID-based PSS2B Stabilizer Using MGSO to Improve Damping of Electromechanical Oscillations in a Multi-machine Power System
Proposing novel power system stabilizers (PSSs) to damp effectively low frequency oscillations (LFOs) in multimachine power systems is an interesting topic which has attracted many attentions inExpand
Three-Phase Symmetrical Fault Detection during Load encroachment based on Superimposed Component Complex Power to Support Correct Operation of Zone 3 Distance Relays
Inappropriate operation of zone 3 distance relays in transmission network during power system stressed condition such as load encroachment situation have reported as an important factor contributingExpand
Synchrophasor Assisted Vulnerability Assessment of Zone 3 Distance Relays during Power System Stressed Condition
Analyses of the recent blackout worldwide demonstrates the contribution of zone 3 of distance relays in expanding the cascading outages in 75% of major wide area disturbances. VulnerabilityExpand
Resiliency analysis of electric distribution networks: A new approach based on modularity concept
Abstract Due to specific characteristics of electric distribution systems and their high vulnerability against natural disasters, providing appropriate methods for resiliency analysis and identifyingExpand
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